Saturday, April 28, 2007


Censorship. Prostitute murders. Shitty bands back from the dead (I won't even bother linking that for obvious reasons, natch ) who should go away. 

The list goes on & on why you should have massive avoidage of that place.
Say what you want about Newscorp (and you Fox News hating Myspace types think over that conundrum, m'kay ?) but in the final analysis MYSPACE is ≅ to High School.
"Social Networking" sucks. Plain & simple. Need more proof ?

Me, I'll stick to blogging & the evil Google.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Where Is Quentin Kopp When You Need 'Em ?!!

Frat boy & all around Booze/Pussy Hound Gavin Newsom.Ugh, what a creep. Man- I'm glad I live in Daly City where OUR national shame is being a being a hideout for fugitives on Dog the Bounty Hunter !
KOPP in '07 !

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Noir City 5: The Threat & Roadblock

Ah, The Threat.... good 'ol reliable Charles McGraw. Gruff & gavel voiced he's one of those noir icons that you could set a watch to, only he would smash it & tell you "now ya don't worry about what time it is". No back talk & grab the grub.I SAID GRAB THE GRUB.
Such is The Threat's charm. I have seen this baby on TCM ( or maybe it was AMC), either way it's a shame that it has yet to appear on any (legit) home media format here in the USA.
As for Roadblock we are dealing with a Double Indemnity style noir here, but it's still worth your time due to McGraw being a sucker for beautiful dish Joan Dixon.
Overall, not a bad twin bill.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Noir City 5: Part 2

Well, nothing could throw a wet blanket over the festivities (or so I thought).
First of all, Marsha Hunt was utterly charming & looked great for a 90 year old woman ( many of the boys in the audience were buzzing!).
Now for those of you who don't know, Ms. Hunt was one of the performers who turned up on the notorious Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television  (the Hollywood "blacklist" )& later flew to Washington DC to support those on the list. No boring history lessons here, but to me ANY list that has Burl Ives down as a commie is fucked up.
(although Ives is a rat faced stoolie for putting the finger on Pete Seegar)
But the past is the past & since I did not live through that shabby bit of US History
I'm gonna move it along here.
I wish others could, but sorry to say no dice.
Before you know it we were into Iraq & the knee-jerk liberal SF folks were all a twitter with the M.I.K.E. quickly squirming in his seat. Sorta like what I said earlier:Shut-up & watch the movie. And thankfully that's what we got around to (but not before Muller called people with camera phones and/or DV cams assholes to the Pavlovian audience's approval.Waste of time. Just kick them out if they are violating the rules)
Next up was The Kid Glove Killer. It was an OK Van Heflin vehicle with the tried & true noir theme of a crooked politico who looks squeaky clean vs the tenacious cop/detective (or in this case a pre-CSI/Quincy M.E character). I was more interested in the blink-and-she-is-gone Ava Gardner & spouse killer Robert Blake popping up in small roles. Overall, not a bad evening even WITH the goofballs working my last nerves.
I'm making it a point to check out Monday's twin bill of The Threat & Roadblock . It's a night that's a "Tribute to tough guy Charles McGraw".
Sounds like my kinda night.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Noir City 5: Opening Night Part 1

The M.I.K.E. checked out the opening night of the NC 5 & here are some of his thoughts:
Well, the mood was right for noir - it was a dreary & misty rain filled evening (complete with the cliched wet pavement/light reflecting against it ). I Grabbed a bite & later walked down the block to the Castro. Chaos. No line organization & the ticket taker was less than helpful ( even going so far as to read on the job & look board when people asked for help), so you know- TYPICAL SF ATTITUDE. So I make my way back of the line & do a little people watching. Lots of fedoras & women with those fake flower hair clips all over the place. It was like a sci-fi convention nerd-a-thon (perhaps they were doing some sort of homage to the Trek episode " A Piece of the Action" AKA the Gangster Planet). People, you should know better.
But I digress.....back to the line. Now I have to deal with some weirdo in front of me who kept on turning around as if I would talk to him. No dice chump. Never gonna happen. When I travel alone, that's how I want to be left. Shut-up & watch the movie. After about 15 minutes or so, come to find out that I'm the WRONG LINE. Here's the skinny: one was for Will Call(me) & the other for getting into after you bought your ticket. Hey Castro, a little organization so people are not blocking the sidewalk ? Not too tough. So after that was cleared up, I picked up my ticket ( the old bag working the will call was lost. Tip:no bluehairs working the lines.)Now to the BACK of yet ANOTHER line (sans Mr.Chatter Box)& the ball was a rollin'. There was a reception upstairs for Marsha Hunt that made me feel like a unwelcome gunsel casing the joint. Losta shifty looks ( I guess it went with the theme of the evening)so I left. The balcony was full of the beautiful people & they rub me the wrong way. I legged it outta there from all of the parlor snakes & their skirts so I could grab a seat dead center.
Time for the 1st flick, Mann's RAW DEAL. I have had this movie on VHS for years & remember enjoying it on the tube.The big screen added a nice touch with an audience was into it (although people had way too much nervous PC laughter when Raymond Burr gives his lady friend a little face flambe for being too close at the wrong time).
Overall, things were going well by the time Eddie Muller brought out the belle of the ball Ms. Hunt. Then things got political.
More about that in Part 2.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Best BAND of 2006 Award Goes To....

Listen up dicks:
Les Breastfeeders are the best band slingin' tunes in NORTH AMERICA & you stupid dinks prolly have no idea what I'm going on about here. J'Accuse!!
You are truly pathetic souls & I pity you. Honestly. There I said it, you have actually made me care about your eternal soul 'o Rock 'n Roll. May you be damned to the fiery hell of mall punk & "neo/retro/old skool" ( or whatever the jagg-offs at the many muSICKal websites are hyping these days ).
But, I can back this up- witness exibit "A" here (care of the good people over at spewpube)
Simple rock math here Frink: French chanteuse + carneys ÷ Monkeys style vid = GREAT.
Talk about yer vulgar fractions !
Yeah, they have 2 CDs out "au français" & you have to relay scrounge around to locate 'em. GET TO WORK.

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007: Now Unwanted Scum Free

I'm going to an "invite only" policy by the end of the month.
Why? Because nobody seems to be reading this barely above spam 'net clogging excercize in stupidity & it seems like the right thing to do.
plus, some of this bullshit is going to end up in Gene's rag thanks to my woefuly inpept negotiating skills ( e.g "Yeah, I'll write something" ).
But only the "good stuff".

All business up front-party in the rear.
And please, no flash photography.